Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm thinking about starting a new blog. I'm thinking about starting it in November so that it will be fresh with the start of a new month. I would wait until January, but I don't want to wait that long. This new blog does not have a name yet, but the theme of it will be, "I love Jesus because...". There are so many reasons that I love Jesus and I think that writing down a reason every day, posting a picture of something, or writing about His love every day will help me put things in perspective and that it will help me get the focus off of myself. Jesus has done so much for me and I do not thank Him nearly enough.
So, one question, ok, two. Why do you love Jesus? What are you thankful for today?

Friday, June 29, 2012

I am getting excited about today, about this weekend, and about Sunday especially. First of all today is Friday, which is always a good thing. Second, I get to sleep in tomorrow which I am very excited about, plus I am probably going to buy a new bike. Third, I am getting baptized on Sunday. Last October I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I had been unsure of my Salvation for a while and one day if you would ask me if I was going to Heaven when I die I would say, "of course", but the next day if you would ask me the same question I would probably say (never audibly), "I honestly don't know". This bothered me for the longest time and every Sunday I dreaded the end of service and altar call. I knew that the pastor was going to have a time a prayer and reflection and that he was also going to ask if there was anyone who wanted to ask Jesus into their life if they would come forward and pray with him. Every Sunday whether I was at my church in Ruston or at my parent's church in Pineville I would be screaming and running wild on the inside, I wanted to go down front so badly. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, "I need Jesus"! I was a nervous wreck. I was afraid because I was already involved in church. I was afraid that if I went down everyone would judge me. I was afraid that if everyone knew that I was not already a Christian, somehow I would be thought of as being lesser. I had been dealing with many issues with friends and personal struggles for a while and I just couldn't do it on my own anymore. 
Switchfoot's album "Vice Verses" was released in early October and since Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands I purchased the album immediately. One of the first songs on the album is called "Afterlife". One of the verses or bridges, you'll have to forgive me, I don't know that much about music, but some of the lyrics say, "Cause everyday the world is made, A chance to change But I feel the same And I wonder Why would I wait till I die to come alive? I'm ready now I'm not waiting for the afterlife". As I was listening to this track I was thinking about my life, why would I wait until it's too late? What if I died and had not given my life to Christ? I e-mailed my pastor and asked him if I could talk with him, so on October 5th I went to his office and talked to him. I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my life and that day I started a personal relationship with Christ. I wish I could say that I have spent every day since then being perfect and doing exactly what I am suppose to do, but to be honest sometimes it feels as if I struggle more with temptation and trials than I did before. The difference though is that I am learning to rely on God. I tend to worry, a lot and it's easy for me to try and do things on my own. My Mimi always said, there is no reason to worry, and she was right. God knows exactly what He is doing, even if we don't. He has a good plan for each one of us, a perfect plan. Anyways, to finish up my story, here I am following up my decision to follow Christ with baptism. I am really excited. We are having a picnic and baptism at the park. My parents and my sister and brother in law are all coming in town. Now, instead of being scared, I am so excited that I can share my experience, and make a public profession of my Faith in front of my church. It's a great feeling to know that I am going to Heaven when I die.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I work at a country club fitness center. I answered the phone today as I usually do, "Squire Creek Fitness Center, this is Cayce" and the guy on the other end said, "Yeah, I was just wondering what I have to do to work out there". I said, well, "are you a member"? He said, no, do you have to be a member to work out there? I said, "Well, as far as I know you have to be a member to work out here, but let me transfer you to the main office so they can confirm that". Later on, I called Betsy, the main receptionist, and I said so, can people who aren't members work out over here? She said, oh, He wanted a job. He was asking what he had to do to get a job out here (to work out here). I laughed about this for a while and kind of felt stupid, but I guess that's why it is important to have a strong vocabulary and to use proper grammar.

Friday, August 12, 2011

truly happy

Have you ever cried for joy? If you are like me then You probably haven't. Tonight was my first time. I cry all the time when I laugh too hard and I suppose that's similar but this was crying and a little chuckle to follow. I came home to pineville this weekend and I was talking to my mom about Christian authors and books and how I can't stand to read but a few. I read mother theresas biography once and I just can't handle reading about these jerk offs who drive Mercedes and Lexus and live in 300000 dollar houses. I know God blesses people and that's great. I hope to have all that and more one day. When it comes to missions and serving God and doing His will, I can't help but think some priorities need to be switched. But after all who am I to judge?
Well as I was talking to my mom she was telling me the story of George Mūller who was a man of faith. I know, I was like oh great, but it gets good. George Mūller and his wife were ministers in England and they never took a salary, they depended wholly on God to provide for them. They start an orphanage and one day, as many, they were out of food. Mr. Muller had all the children sit at the table for breakfast ad usual though and they prayed because they knew God would provide. Well, there was a knock on the door and it was the local baker. He said, i don't know why but God woke me up at 2 am and told me that you had no food, so I've been baking bread since 2 am for you and the children in your orphanage. This is where I began to tear up by the way. If you don't have moist eyes you are ill. Not really, but maybe. Well, they had bread and just as they were about to eat, a milk man knocks on the door and says, my truck broke down right in front of your orphanage, will you please take my milk? It will go bad of you don't. Now I have tears running down my face. I didn't want my mom to see so I scratched my eye like it was hurting or something. But to be honest, that is the most amazing story I have heard in a while. It just made me so happy to know that God provides for those who love and trust in Him. That's my story. Have you ever cried because you were overjoyed?
standing on the edge of the world, peering over in to the great unknown. the sun begins to rise from the other side and my heart skips a beat. i grab your hand as my eyes begin to close. i'm blinded by the wonder of the light. we count to three and we jump into the unknown. the rush of air over my face refreshes my soul. the warmth of your hand in mine. our pulses are matched as the light shines ever so bright. the beating of my heart changes as the darkness departs. the existence of grace is made known as i take this leap of faith.

Monday, August 8, 2011


This weekend was amazing. I normally don't stay in Ruston for the weekends because there is not really anything that goes on, but this weekend I had to stay because the church had First Friday and I had to work...well, I say work, but I had to hang out with a bunch of kids and go was alot of fun. Saturday, I woke up and thought about driving home to Pineville, but I decided that I didn't feel like spending the money on gas and so I just did some dishes and watched Jersey Shore all day. I woke up around 9am and started watching Jersey Shore and then I watched it until probably 5 that afternoon. It was just nice to have absolutely nothing to do. I know, I am lazy. Well, then I went to Chili's and ate with a friend and we were going to go see a movie but we were both too tired, so I went home and watched more Jersey Shore, in case you're wondering, Netflix has season 1 and season 2 on streaming. Anyways, after a little more Jersey Shore I went to a friends house to hang out and then I went to bed. Sunday was very similar. I woke up and went to church, ate lunch with my brother and his wife and my niece and my sister in laws parents. We ate Mexican and it was so good, it's been a while since I have had some good Mexican food. After lunch I went swimming with my friend Maggie and I forgot to put sunscreen on...needless to say, I got burned pretty badly. After swimming I went to night church and then my friend Meghan and I went to play tennis. Then, I went ate a chicken pot pie, watched some more Jersey Shore and went to sleep. Now, I am sitting at work, typing this, trying to stay awake. That is my weekend in a nutshell. Hope all of you had a great weekend also! Until I write again, keep it real, readers. Stay classy bloggers (that was for you Christina, haha!).